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Administration and technical support of systems and network services and computer systems, including client and server computing platforms, communications network, related peripheral devices and applications.

Maintaining and monitoring the effectiveness, availability, reliability and security of Corporate Information Technology Services, to ensure adequate performance, security and environmental control, to detect and investigate failures and deficiencies, and develop and execute plans to correct these and/or escalate problems as appropriate.

Follow the execution, audit and monitoring the effectiveness of procedures for the ongoing operation and audit of systems and applications, including system, security and application administration, change control, hardware and software distribution and inventory, batch processing, business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Lead and participate in technical project teams to understand business and technical requirements, research, evaluate, select, acquire and/or develop, install and configure systems hardware and software, to meet the evolving needs of the Corporation.

We are able to provide phone support, access the systems remotely or by desk-side support as required, and be on-call on a regular schedule.

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